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Prize Package


National Prize Package:

  • Cash Prize $1500 (Minimum of 30 entrants required /age division; may be prorated)
  • National Crown  
  • National Embroidered  Sash
  • Sash Pin
  • Crown Pin
  • Crown Case
  • Nail Stamping Kit
  • Gorgeous Necklace and earings
  • Intergalactic ® Beauty apparel
  • Website for a Year
  • FB Page for a Year
  • Twitter Page for a Year
  • A year of amazing appearance opportunities!
  • Features in print , social media and other Media
  • One year Subscription to Pageantry Magazine
  • Titleholder of the Day Feature: Pageant Planet
  • Bouquet of Roses
  • Photo Shoot  $200.00 value
  • Business Cards and Autograph Comp Cards
  • National Title Car Magnet
  • Prizes From Sponsors
  National Runners Up Each Receive
  • 1st runner up: Regional Title for U.S./Intl
  • 1st runner up   Free Entry for Next Year
  • 2nd Runner :Trophy
  • 2nd Runner Up:  50% off entry fee for the following year
  • 3rd Runner Up Trophy
  • 3rd Runner up: 25% off entry fee for next year.

  • Trophy:4th & 5th Runners up
  • 10% off  Entry fee for next year4th/5th Runners Up:

  • All Runners Up: Prizes from Sponsors
    All Runner's up: Eligbility for a Regional Title

         State Or Country Entrants

  • A beautiful state/country Crown
  • A gorgeous state/country embroidered sash with bling on it
  • A Crown Pin for your sash
  • 1200+ pageant questions packet to help you prepare for the interview competition
  • A  1 piece or 2 piece Swimsuit of your choice for the swimsuit competition
  • Sponsorship acquisition information packet.
  • 1 page ad in the program book for title holder.
  • State FB page that you can update throughout the year with appearance pics etc.
  • Entry into the People's choice award on Pageant Planet: Cash Prize & Plaque Awarded.
  • Eligibility & consideration for the Intergalactic® International Title for your age division
  • Eligibility for  a Regional Title, if you make the Top 10, or Top 5 (Based on # of entrants) if you are not selected as the International Titleholder.
  • State Titleholder page on the main Intergalactic® International website
  • Media Exposure on Pageant Planet and other media
  • A Green screen sponsorship request video
  • Prizes/Gifts from Sponsors as they are obtained.