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How To Enter

We are accepting At-Large Appointed State & Country Titles

Entry Fee is $895/State or Country/Age Division

Pay $395 to reserve your State/Country 
title .
Pay Additional $250.00 for your
 title holder crown & sash to be ordered
Pay the final installment of $250.00 for Crown/Sash and other items to be shipped out to you.

What you get for entering:


  • A beautiful state/country Crown
  • A gorgeous state/country embroidered sash with bling on it
  • A Crown Pin for your sash
  • 1200+ pageant questions packet to help you prepare for the interview competition
  • A  1 piece or 2 piece Swimsuit of your choice for the swimsuit competition
  • Sponsorship acquisition information packet.1 page ad in the program book for title holder.
  • State FB page that you can update throughout the year with appearance pics etc.
  • Entry into the People's choice award on Pageant Planet: Cash Prize & Plaque Awarded.
  • Eligibility & consideration for the Intergalactic® International Title for your age division
  • Eligibility for  a Regional Title, if you make the Top 10, or Top 5 (Based on # of entrants)
    and you are not selected as the International Titleholder.
  • State Titleholder page on the main Intergalactic® International website
    Media Exposure on Pageant Planet and other media
  • A Green screen sponsorship request video (See below for more info)
  • Prizes/Gifts from Sponsors as they are obtained.

You will need to rent a Green Screen Studio for an hour or two, to record the various phases of competition.      Don't Wear Green!!!!

Make sure that the Green Screen Studio has the ability to convert the video to a .Mov  Or ,MP4 File format.

If you don't live close to a greenscreen studio in your area, you could travel to one 
in a larger city.   

Or you can create your own green screen studio in your home.

Purchase some chromakey material from (Ships from China)
We Suggest purchasing 1 of these:


Attach it to your wall.  Use extremenly good lighting.
Convert your video to a .MP4 or .MOV file format.

Another alternative is to purchase neon green poster board from the dollar Tree store

Here is a tutorial of how to setup your own greenscreen studio in your home.

Once you've completed this process, you will then submit this video to the national office. 

The pageant staff will convert them and add a striking animated background  to enhance the look of the video. You may then upload your edited video to or Pageant Planet's Sponsorship( GoFundme version) page, to help aid you in obtaining sponsorship for your pageant expenses.  



The state/country titleholders will automatically move onto the International competition in Sept 2020 at a live pageant, for the various phases of competition   The venue is still being
 negotiated, and will be announced at a later time.   

State & Country Titles will go Fast!!!!!  So enter today to secure your entry!!!!